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Originally, our department was entitled the Department of Mathematics and Science Education. In August, 1998, in order to strengthen mathematics and natural science teaching in primary schools, the department was divided into the Department of Mathematics Education and Department of Natural Science Education. The department was later renamed as the Department of Applied Mathematics on August 1, 2006.
Our department focuses on training students specializing in applied mathematics, computational mathematics, statistics and finance. Students who graduate from our department can choose to pursue graduate degrees or to become an actuary, financier, statistics specialist, software specialist or a mathematics teacher in an elementary school.
Course requirements for the bachelor’s program total 133 credits that include 35 university-required credits and 98 departmental-required credits.
1. In addition to mathematics and statistics, the faculty has a variety of specialties that include, actuarial science, finance, and mathematics education. The department offers a friendly and inspiring learning environment.

2. Students are encouraged to select different programs such as teacher education, business, and computer science to expand their knowledge in the field.

3. The master’s program in the department provides opportunities for in-service teachers to strengthen their teaching ability in mathematics.